• How Sensitive Are You To Rejection?

    Take this seven-question quiz now to find out.

  • Score of 14 and below

    You’re fully in control. You handle rejection well.


    Score between 15 to 24

    You’re mostly in control. You handle rejection reasonably well, although it can affect you negatively at times, depending on the situation.


    Score between 25 to 33

    You’re sometimes not in control. Your fear of rejection usually affects your behavior with outcomes not always benefiting you.


    Score of 34 and above

    You’re not in full control. Your fear of rejection controls you and affects your wellbeing and quality of life. Time to seek professional help?

    How did you fare with the quiz? Did it match your self-perception?

    If you have a score of 24 or less

    If you’re in control or sometimes in control, good for you! You’re probably leading a fulfilling life as your fear of rejection doesn’t hold you back. There could be times where you feel a little fearful or apprehensive, but these are just small hiccups in your life that you manage well.

    If you have a score of 25 or more

    If your score had a result of “you’re sometimes not in control” or “your fear of rejection controls you” it’s likely you’re not living the life you desire, with emotional obstacles and mental hurdles (both real and imagined) that can cripple you.


    How did your fear or rejection affect you to this extreme? Many reasons account for your crippling fear of rejection, but one powerful basis for developing such deep sensitivity to rejection is your childhood experience. It could be from well-intentioned and loving parents, or emotionally or physically abusive relationships with your loved ones, or other trauma-inducing situations that have left a lasting impression on you.

    But fear not!

    There are steps you can take to reduce your fear of rejection to a more manageable state both for instant relief and as a long-term solution.


    An immediate step to take is to change your internal voice from one that doubts and bad-mouths your decisions, to one that is more neutral and allows mistakes and rejection. With self-awareness of your inner voice sending you lousy messages, you can simply take a deep breath, allow a gentle and small smile to form, and tell yourself “I’m fine.” Over time and with practice, this works to get rid of the nagging feeling you have in the pit of your stomach and gives you enough mental capacity to “just do it."

    What about a long-term solution? Therapy, especially hypnotherapy, has been proven to help provide you with relief and release from the root cause of your fear of rejection, which usually stems from childhood or other painful experiences in your life.


    Contact me and let me help you. I’ve overcome my own fear of rejection and have helped countless overcome theirs using the powerful and lasting effects of hypnotherapy.

    Love Laimei

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